Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are You A Christian Or A Hater

 Before I go any further I want to make one thing clear, NO I am not a Muslim lover, I am a Christian.

When this country was founded, yes it was founded one nation under God, but this country was also founded with the belief that people of all faiths could come here and practice their beliefs without fear of punishment.  How many of our soldiers have fought and died so that we are able to keep that freedom?  There are people that live here as American citizens from all different faiths, and weather you agree with me or not, the truth is there are bad people in all of those different kinds of religions.  There are people that call themselves Christians that are anything but Christ like, there are people who call themselves Muslims that are anything but peaceful etc...

Now I am about to say something that will probably drive some Christians crazy, but I have studied the teachings of Islam and a TRUE Muslim follower believes in peace.  The people that you see on TV, the terrorists, the crazes who kill in the name of Islam are not practicing the true teachings of Islam.  And I am sure that there will be people that pull up certain scriptures from the Koran and say see they want to kill all Christians.  Well I am sure if you would take some time and read the Bible you would see that there are verses in the Bible that if misunderstood would make Christians out to be barbaric.  For example the two women fighting over who the real mother of a child was, and King Solomon told them to cut the child in half.  Now any sensible people would know that he was not literally telling to cut in half, it was a metaphor.

Anyone can take a text and pervert it to suit their needs, that is how we have ended up with so many different denominations.  Instead of looking at the persons religious beliefs, you should look into their hearts, cause there are just as many people who call themselves Christians that are just as evil as some people who call themselves Muslims.  I am a Christian, but I am looking at this from an American stand point. Our country fights for the rights of ALL to practice their religion, it does not state Christians only. If these people (Muslims) are law abiding citizens then they should have just as much right to practice their beliefs as we do ours. No one says we have to agree with them, but we should respect them just as they should respect us. We are to be CHRIST LIKE, and Jesus loves all, He may not approve of how they believe but He still died for them, it is up to them to welcome Him into their hearts. But if they are Americans they should have the same rights as all Christians.

Call me a Muslim lover if you want, that is OK.  But I am also a Christian lover, a Jew lover, a Hindu lover etc...  See I am following the examples of Christ, and He loves everyone.  Whatever happened to the phrase despise the sin not the sinner.  Before you call yourself a Christian you need to stop and take a look at your heart, do you have the love that Christ has? Do you love your neighbor, what if your neighbor is a Muslim?  What if they are atheists?  See there is no where in the Bible that I can find that Jesus said love only your Christian neighbor.  As a Christian do you show the love of Christ to everyone?  If not you might want to start reading the Bible because as a Child of God, that is what He expects us to do.  No one says you have to agree with their beliefs but you know have you ever thought that instead of showing something other than hate you might just lead a lost sheep home to the Shepherd.

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